I envisioned Dubs at the Gap sitting in my garage next to projects that I love and wanted to give back to my community through an automotive enthusiast event.  

"We are creating a Volkswagen/Audi show experience in the Western MD region that is gonna win over the hearts of Volkswagen/Audi enthusiasts and animal lovers alike." - Jonathan Leyh



All proceeds will benefit the Allegany County Animal Shelter.The Allegany County Animal Shelter serves as a “Shelter of Hope” for the lost, abandoned, and homeless animals of Allegany County. We strive to expand and strengthen our leadership in animal care, humane education, and progressive animal welfare programs and to find common-sense solutions for animal-related problems in our community.


To guarantee a good home to all companion animals that are healthy and behaviorally sound. To do all we can for dogs and cats that are medically treatable and can be behaviorally rehabilitated. To develop constructive relationships that advance our mission and vision with our city/county governments, other animal-welfare stakeholders and the people of our community.